NDA Sheetmetal is our dedicated stainless steel fabrication workshop, which specialises in designing and producing vessels for the New Zealand and Australian dairy and beverage industries.

Due to the exacting requirements of these industries, we take care to fabricate all vessels to the highest food quality standards. We have a Chartered Professional Engineer and two draughtsmen to design your product to your specifications. In the workshop, more than 40 trade-qualified sheet metal workers and 10 specialist stainless steel polishers ensure that your order is delivered on time and on budget.

Four project management staff make sure that all areas of your project are pulled together. You’ll have your own point of contact to keep you informed of its progress every step of the way.

NDA Sheetmetal’s resources include:

  • Workshop Area = 8900m3
  • 13x 15-tonne Hooks
  • Maximum hook height 20m
  • 15x 5-tonne Hooks.
  • Maximum door dimension 13.7 m wide x 8m height
  • ASME IX and AS 1554.6 qualified welders
  • ISO 9001 quality system

With the capabilities of the entire NDA Group at your fingertips, we aren’t limited by the size or scope of your job, whether it’s big or small. We work with many industries throughout New Zealand and Australia on a wide variety of projects.

Contact us today to discuss your next steel fabrication project