NDA Site Services is the one point of contact you need for seamless site integration and ongoing maintenance.

We can provide services for anything engineering-related you require on your site. That might be installation for NDA-fabricated products, or it could be supplying and installing specialised third-party equipment.

From a straightforward tank installation to a much more complex system of multiple tanks, valves and pumps from a variety of manufacturers, our team have a proven record of providing top-quality services and making integrations a trouble-free experience.

We work across multiple industries – from dairy to water treatment – and multiple manufacturers, ensuring that we can provide anything and everything needed.

Our assembly, installation and maintenance services are based throughout New Zealand, in Hamilton, Hawera, Christchurch, Timaru, and Christchurch, as well as our Australian site in Dandenong, Melbourne. With our experienced project managers, you’ll have one point of contact who can manage your integration.

Whatever engineering equipment we provide, or installation services we manage, we can work with you throughout its lifespan. From solution design to ordering, to maintenance and eventual replacement, you can trust us to know and understand it and provide the best possible advice.