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On-Farm Refrigeration Servicing & Repair

DTS provides the complete range of sales support and services for dairy farmers. With a nationwide network of refrigeration specialists, we support and cover the length and breadth of New Zealand. We are able to offer options to suit any size or budget.


The DTS Customer Service Centre

Our call centre is an integral part of the company's commitment to ensure that customers' milk cooling issues are quickly resolved. DTS Customer Service Centre is available from 7am to 9pm, seven days a week, with a two hour response time. Knowledgeable staff will assist and work directly with the milk companies with the key aim of preventing any milk losses.


Expert Personnel

Further, DTS On-Farm Advice means the company's expert and experienced staff is available to visit customers onsite. DTS's extensive knowledge of dairy farm milk cooling enables it to provide clients with cost-effective and efficient solutions. DTS's ability to analyse customers' specific milk cooling requirements ensures it delivers the right solutions, on time, on specification and on budget.


Refrigeration Units

DTS offers a comprehensive range of refrigeration units, designed and built to the highest industry standards, for the most demanding applications. All units are fully pre-wired including isolation switches, contractors and overloads.

DTS uses Patton Refrigeration units. Patton have been supplying refrigeration units to the dairy industry for over 25 years and all units have the world renowned Copeland scroll compressors fitted.


Stainless Steel Milk & Wine Vats

DTS is a provider of New Zealand made Stainless Steel Tanks and Vats, manufactured to the highest quality standards using modern equipment and manufacturing processes. These tanks are used in multiple industries throughout New Zealand and not limited to just Dair or Wine installations. We are also suppliers of Colostrum tanks, supplied complete with refrigeration units.


Servicing Options

Reactive Service provides prompt service in which customers pay for any reactive service work required at the time of service delivery.

Refrigeration Service Plan is a comprehensive plan including a proactive check of refrigeration units and guaranteed rapid response service. With no charge for replacement of faulty units and parts, this ensures the customer knows what their annual refrigeration costs.

Proactive Service provides for an annual service check ensuring chillers are kept in good working order, with payments for any reactive service work as required.


Refrigeration Monitoring

DTS has developed a number of controllers designed specifically for refrigeration, and install a range of sensors and telemetry equipment on-farm.

The Tempro had been developed specifically as a low cost solution to temperature monitoring. This allows you to quickly see when the refrigeration unit, or pre-chiller has not been turned on, preventing the loss of single or combined milking.


Polar Wrap

Milk vat insulation using a Polar Wrap will reduce the cost of your refrigeration and CIP cleaning.

The insulation wrap prevents heat transfer through the stainless wall preventing the milk temperature to increase. Heat loss is also prevented during CIP wash, maximising the cleaning of the vat.


Heat Recovery

DTS also has a range of leading edge products designed to provide cost-saving solutions for farmers.

They include the HeatPro Hot Water Recovery Unit which recovers wasted heat from refrigeration units using primary water supply saving up to 53% of water heating costs. The refrigeration unit also runs more efficiently in warm weather giving further power savings.

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